With online sales being one of the most common ways to purchase firearms, there comes a question as to how do I get the gun I purchased in my possession.

First, and foremost I adhere to all state and federal laws.

After your purchase, your new firearm must be shipped to a licensed FFL. Robert’s Gunsmithing, Inc. is listed on most major firearms sales websites as a transfer FFL.

If not, contact me and I can coordinate with your selling dealer to get them my credentials.

The seller will then ship the firearm to me, at which I will contact you, the buyer.

You and I will make an appointment to come fill out the Form 4473 to complete a background check.

Upon approval, you will take possession of the firearm.  

My Fee is $25 for the transfer and $10 for the background check, totaling $35 per firearm.

Items you will need;

A valid Oregon state ID or drivers license which reflects your current place of residence.
If you do not have ID with your current address, then you must include a second form to go along with your ID. Typically, I suggest going to the DMV and getting your address changed and get the temporary ID from them. Vehicle Registration with your correct address will also work. For more information see the following ATF web page.
Payment in full for the transaction. Cash is preferred but I do accept personal checks and Venmo.

As before mentioned, I will abide by all state and federal laws concerning firearms transfers. This page does not list all the applicable laws concerning firearms.

I look forward to helping you with your transfer, and future Gunsmithing needs.

God Bless You, and keep your powder dry.

Unless otherwise arranged, unclaimed firearms will incur fees for storage at the rate of thirty dollars a month.  Firearms that remain unclaimed for a period of 360 days become the property of Robert’s Gunsmithing Inc..